💪 The_Construct 1.9

💪 The_Construct 1.9

Hello everyone. After 3 months of development, The Construct 1.9 has finally been uploaded. It comes with so many changes (100+ commits) that we’ve decided to skip 1.8 completely.

Perhaps the most important improvement to The Construct and the Sigma Modular System is the removal of duplicate walls and floors. Which came with the need for new components that we call the “plus” components. We had to multiply the number of models/meshes in the project by 4. Perhaps you can imagine how much work this change came with.

Next, we had to figure out how to create cover models/meshes so they could cover the new variable Sigma structures. We’ve encountered several dead ends, but eventually, we’ve managed.

Please watch the video for the update highlights. Have fun and please give feedback.


New: The alternative installer is now hosted on Amazon S3. Hosting it on this website resulted in frequent download fails.

New: Completely reworked snapping system. Most snaps are now based on vertical tubes instead of horizontal ones.

New: Many new snaps points for more building options.

New: Outer cover components to suit additive construction: Full Height Outer Cover, Cube Tube Outer Cover, Cube Tube Plus Outer Cover, Teu Tube Outer Cover, Teu Tube Plus Outer Cover.

New: Outer Cover components for doorway walls.

Improved: Category hierarchy has changed to house all Sigma components under a single category, neighboring with Cinematic components and Community planning components. The category of Sigma components has been further tree-ed into more categories.

New: Floating “Press [ E ] to edit” text on components with editable properties.

Improved: Performance of discovering useful snap points when moving a component around (+ around 50% FPS).

New: The performance bar now displays the number of components and snap points in the build.

New: Window system.

New: Material property editing window. This is now used with covers to edit their look.

Improved: Various internal tools that allowed us to utilize the power of Unreal Engine Editor for neat cinematics.

Improved: Snaps points now use a simpler sphere mesh for better performance.

Improved: Snaps points now pulse a glow.

New: Inner cover meshes to suit additive construction.

New: Inner cover meshes for doorway walls.

New: Inner cover meshes for tubes.

New: Stainless steel doorway and door are now separate meshes.

New: Teu and Cube anchors to their respective concrete foundations have been lowered, so Teu/Cube frames now actually lie on the ground.

Improved: Components no longer disappear when colliding with each other.

New: Community blocks. New size of components. Concrete foundation block, grass block, double lane road block, double lane road block with a crosswalk, roundabout block, quad lane block.

New: Plus tubes. Full Height Tube Plus, Cube Tube Plus, Teu Tube Plus.

New: Walls are now single components (not consisting of multiple sandwich panels anymore, in reality, they are made of multiple sandwich components, just not in Construct anymore, because it makes everyone’s life easier).

New: Plus walls. Cube Wall H+, Cube Wall W+, Cube Wall W+H+, Teu Wall H+, Teu Wall W+, Teu Wall W+H+.

New: Doorway components to suit additive construction. Cube Doorway, Cube Doorway H+, Cube Doorway W+, Cube Doorway H+W+, Teu Doorway, Teu Doorway H+, Teu Doorway W+, Teu Doorway H+W+, Stainless Steel Entry Doorway H+, Stainless Steel Entry Doorway W+, Stainless Steel Entry Doorway H+W+.

Improved: Screenshot/photo capture quality.

New: Screenshot/photo resolution setting under Cinematic settings.

New: Selection mode replaces Destroy mode. It is now possible to select multiple components and press [ DELETE ] or [ BACKSPACE ] to remove the selected components.

Improved: Selection mode (previously Destroy mode) now includes a tiny dot in the center of the screen, so you know what component are you aiming at.

New: The performance bar now displays which component are you aiming at.

New: Operations history now logs changes in your build. You can press CTRL+Y/Z to Undo a change or CTRL+SHIFT+Y/Z to redo it.

New: Operations history widget in the Control screen lets you view the history of changes and switch to history revisions of your build.

New: Single-pane window meshes to suit additive construction. Added W+, H+, and W+H+ versions.

New: Multi-pane Teu window (non-openable) component and it’s additive construction H+, W+, and W+H+ versions. It’s basically a glass wall.

New: Door frame and door components.

New: Multiple templates for tubes with connectors, including the plus versions for easier additive construction.

New: C1 Deliver Portal, subject to change.

New: Covers now snap to each other besides their underlying components.

New: Placeable components now have a custom data property, which now also exports to the saved build files. When a build file is loaded, the custom saved data now loads to the corresponding component.

Improved: Component rendering performance has been greatly increased, especially in the various distances. As the result, you can build way bigger with fewer rendering requirements.

New: Floor meshes to reflect additive construction. W+, H+, and W+H+ versions.

New: Some components can be now rotated around their Z-axis when being snapped.

Improved: Removed the Liberland map from the list of environments.

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