Sigma Modular Construction System Documentation

Welcome to the Sigma Modular Construction System documentation section of the website.

This section contains general information about the system, individual components, usage, assembly and manufacturing instructions.

Sigma Modular Construction System is an open-source modular construction system developed by Transhuma and provided for free for anyone to benefit from.


We believe standards and modularity are the key to efficiency and long term development of anything that mankind does.

The way people build nowadays is rather not standardized and not modular. Things could be built faster, better, stronger, if we shared a unified building standard as a species. That's why we have developed the Sigma Modular Construction System, as an answer to the Standardized Modular Construction Challenge presented in the book The Future We Are Building.
Basic Concept

Instead of inventing a standard of our own and trying to force the entire world to adapt it, we decided to utilize the standard of intermodal (shipping) containers.

This means the Sigma system can be combined with all sorts of prefabricated container building modules like for example storages, toilets, freezers, or farming modules.
Sigma Modular Construction System consists of two basic modules: 8ft and 20ft modules. These almost directly copy the shape of standard 8ft and 20ft high cube containers.
These modules are the backbone of the system, composed together and accompanied by other components to create complex structures.

The 8ft module is compatible with an 8ft container in size, 5 of them in a row match the size of a 40ft intermodal container. The 20ft container is incompatible with the 20ft standard intermodal container because if you put 2 standard intermodal containers they don't match the size of a 40ft standard intermodal container. For the 20ft module, we had to choose between compatibility with 20ft or 40ft containers. We chose 40ft containers because we think they are more wide-spread. So two Sigma 20ft modules match the size of a 40ft standard intermodal container, but one Sigma 20ft module does not match the size of a 20ft standard intermodal container (but almost does).

The width and length of an 8ft module are the same as the width of the 20ft module.

Because the components used in Sigma system are supposed to be 100% re-usable, they need to be built from superior materials able to withstand a lot of stress that time and their usage bring.

At the same time the used materials have to be reasonably cost efficient, strong, allow easy manufacturing and lightweight enough for two adult people to build any structure.

The Sigma components are mostly composed of stainless steel, fiber-reinforced plastics, aluminum, glass, fiberglass, polyurethane and other durable, strong materials resistant to almost any weather conditions on Earth.