Sigma Modular Construction System

The Sigma Modular Construction System is Transhuma’s solution proposal to the Standardized Modular Construction Challenge introduced in the book The Future We Are Building.


Instead of inventing a new standard, we decided to utilize an existing standard of intermodal containers, which people already build with. Sigma is compatible with high cube 40ft and 8ft shipping containers in terms of dimensions, while it mostly consists of 20ft-like container modules.

General purpose

The only limit to what you can build with sigma is the height (stacks up to several stories) and your imagination. Sigma can be used for any kind of building in any kind of Earth’s environment.

Very easy to assemble

We kept in mind various conditions in which people may decide to build. We have designed the parts so that a couple of people could build an entire house on their own.

Fast to assemble

It’s all just drilling and screwing. An experienced building crew can assemble an entire floor of a house in a day.

Made of superior materials

Forget all the building materials and their problems of the present. The combination of fiber-reinforced-plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, glass and polyurethane will make your house a space ship between others. It will easily last a century.

100% modular and recyclable

You can anytime add more rooms to a building or remove some. Or completely disassemble a building and build a new one from the components or sell them. Ever thought of moving your house? All almost unthinkable with old fashioned buildings, very thinkable with Sigma. No trash from demolitions.


And possibly the best value you can get for your money.

Open-source and easily manufacturable

Anyone can become a manufacturer of the Sigma system. The data is available for free to anyone.

Top Class Insulation

Sigma floor and wall panels consist of a 134mm polyurethane thermal insulation layer each.

Easy Additive Building

You can dream big and start small. Removing a wall and extending your house with another room is easy with Sigma.
Get the planner app

Transhuma has developed an app you can use to layout your building.

What’s the difference between Sigma and all the modular houses out there? The standard.

Because Sigma shares an open standard, you can combine Sigma with parts by more manufacturers.


Get general and manufacturing info.

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