Imagine a world

Where the machines produce everything and everyone's basic right is virtually unlimited access to an increasing number of products and resources
And humans are free of survival tasks to unleash their true intellectual potential

What could such a world be like?

No utopia, no sci-fi.
But a lot of engineering design, standardization, and programming to get done.
The Future We Are Building is Mirek's free intro book to the benefits of post-survival society and the challenges we need to overcome to get there in 20 years.
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Who We Are

Transhuma is Mirek and Co.'s effort to design the tech mankind lacks to achieve fully automatic production and supply chains.

By the year (1)2025, we should have much of the building blocks ready to start constructing the first communities of a new kind. Conflicts, stress, duties, orders, or laws may start being the past. Here are the areas and challenges we are focusing our research on:

The Standardized Modular Construction Challenge

A universal standardized modular system for building would bring the most efficient way of constructing our infrastructure and enable 100% automation in producing building parts.
See Transhuma’s solution proposal

The Packing Challenge

Products of any kind are currently packed in a non-universal, non-standardized, not fully recyclable way. Great progress has been made with shipping containers and pallets. We need to take this further and pack everything in containers of uniform sizes and properties, so we can reuse them and machines can handle them automatically.
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The Transport Challenge

Emission-free and 100% self-driven transport. Mankind has been already working towards this goal extensively.
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The Open Universal Robot Challenge

Robotic arms for production industries have been automating for quite some time, but their downside is cost and the necessity of advanced programming skills. We believe that robotic arms can be tenfold more cost-efficient and as easy to teach as anyone could do it themselves.
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Transhuma is a charitable organization working on solutions to the challenges introduced in the book The Future We Are Building.

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